• Ivan Brovdi

    Ivan Brovdi

    Trying to figure things out.

  • Bran the Humble

    Bran the Humble

  • Bryan Garner

    Bryan Garner

    A serial entrepreneur with a career of managing change. Life isn’t pixel-perfect, prepare for growth.

  • Giana Pella

    Giana Pella

    Writer. Grad Student. World traveler with a fear of flying. gianapella.com

  • Mark Turnock

    Mark Turnock

    30 years clinical healthcare and healthcare management experience, enjoy reading, trying to learn how to code software…even though I’m an “old guy”

  • Kim Moore

    Kim Moore

    PsychNerd, Audible Addict, Professional Counselor, LOA, Metaphysical Christianity, Mental Health, Relationships, Self, Wellness/Recovery. Mom/Wife/Dog Lover

  • ThisIsKoo


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