some tips to help you remember

It happens to everyone. Some, more often than others. You might get up to do something and immediately forget why you got up. Or walk to the kitchen to have no idea why because you aren’t even hungry. Or maybe you just met that coworker for the first time, whats her name Carol? No Carolyn. Wait…

Whatever the situation, many of us have tendencies to be forgetful. Sometimes, it seems that we remember the completely useless information more often than the more relevant stuff!

So, depending on where you look, there are a bunch of different ‘types’ of memory. The…

Why the scales should lean towards life

Time might be forever, but for us, it is counting down to a finish line. For us, it is not finite. There is a deadline, and living in a deadline driven era can make time pressure feel even more substantial.

Think of something you’d much rather do than work. I bet you can think of a few. Giving up your hobbies isn’t only detrimental to you, but also to your place of employment. Personally, when I am able to engage in my hobbies, it increases my overall mood and productivity, helping me even when I’m on the clock.

I personally…

3 things you can do to tackle stress and grow mental toughness

Life is a race. It’s a competition. We all strive to be great at what we do, even if it isn’t conscious. Who wants to be average? Mediocre? No one. But trying to be great at something can place a lot of pressure on you and add some weight to those shoulders, causing the stress and anxiety that is far too common in today’s society.

Sport psychology is becoming more and more common in professional and collegiate athletics. Having a strong mental game can give a team the edge they need to win. …

A little tool called ‘noting’

So, I have to share this technique I learned because it was extremely eye opening for me. It is tough to do consistently, and like anything, requires practice. But if you stick to it, this mindfulness tool will help you overcome those moments of overwhelming anger!

The technique is called ‘noting’ and it is where you, well, note your emotions. Seems simple, but again, is not easy to do. Often we aren’t aware of our emotions until after they subside. We may know they are happening, but we don’t control them in the present moment by becoming mentally aware. …

And how to set them effectively

My personal background is in sport psychology. I have a B.S. in psychology and am currently pursuing a masters in sport psychology. I have worked with a sport psychologist near me and helped consult for multiple NBA teams.

I have had a handful of jobs in fields anywhere from working retail and teaching undergraduates to telemarketing and helping those with disabilities. No matter what career setting I am in, the leadership always emphasizes the importance of goals. Whether they are collective for the company or individualized for yourself, goals are used widely throughout all fields.

Despite the wide use of…

Why it’s so difficult to change what you’re doing, and some ways you can try.

For a while now I have been struggling with my current place in life. At times, I have felt an overwhelming sense of uselessness and emptiness. Sadly, these all stem from my place within my so called “career”.

My only sense of joy comes literally, and I mean quite literally, from the people in my life; my wife, my family, my friends, my dog. However, working an unorthodox 9 to 5 doesn’t leave me with the best work life balance. Often, I work when my wife doesn’t and she works when I don’t. The same goes for my friends.


A short guide to chronotypes and reclaiming your day

The early bird gets the worm

But there are plenty of worms.

There is a common misconception that people who get up early are more productive than those who struggle to get out of bed at the crack of dawn. If you wake up late you’re just lazy, right?

The fact is that night people can be just as productive as morning people. For those people, they are even more productive if they don’t force being a morning person.

Not being a morning person, but believing the misconceptions about waking up early, can make you feel unmotivated. …

Bad habits that might be causing you to do just that.

Relationships are work. Many psychologists today refer to it as more of a science than an art, and there is truth to that. Connecting and effectively establishing meaningful relationships can be hard. Science suggests our ability to do so relates to our habits.

While you read this, be aware of yourself and your tendencies. No one is judging you. Try to relate your habits to those listed below. If you find similarities, first recognize it.

To change, first you must know.

Now, if you relate to these habits and struggle making meaningful connections, potentially these are the reasons. Make an…

And how we might be doing life wrong

Working as a job coach has had it’s trials and tribulations, but it’s also been quite fruitful. When asked what I do, I often get weird looks. Not many people understand the role of a job coach. I don’t carry a clipboard and whistle, and I don’t get to yell at a referee.

In short, I am tasked with helping individuals with disabilities in becoming independent in their work place. The majority of my job is boring. …

Just don’t give a f**k.

It’s a simple recipe often overlooked. There is a constant fear of putting yourself out there that keeps people reserved out of stress and anxiety.

People judge. People criticize. People compare.

When people judge, a lot of the time its due to their perception of themselves being threatened. We live in a world where it is more valuable to be accepted by others than it is to love ourselves, so the way someone looks could threaten our self perception.

You don’t have to be content with how you are and it is perfectly fine to want to change things about yourself…

Noah Strasser

🏴 Christian. Husband. Father. American.

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